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The Slow Drift

by Pastor Alan Davis

One year, when our children were very young, we headed out on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  I always look forward to a beach trip because they seem to be greatly relaxing. One day, as we were spending time on the beach, the children were busy building a sand fort so I borrowed one of their rubber rafts and hit the waves. After a little time of raft surfing I pushed out past the breaking waves to what looked like still waters. It was deep but I am a decent swimmer and I had the raft so I wasn’t worried. After getting to what looked like still waters I climbed on the raft and lay on my back. After some time I went to sleep and just lay there floating. The next thing I knew I could hear loud voices in the distance. I sat up looking at the beach and I could see what appeared to be several people who seemed excited and pointing in my direction. I thought maybe someone was drowning so I started looking around where I was at but soon realized it was me they were excited about. I noticed I was moving quickly…out to sea! I lay in what I thought was still water not taking care to paddle myself into position every once in awhile. This had allowed me just to drift with the flow of the ocean which became extremely dangerous for me. It took everything I had to get myself in and I fell on the beach having to rest for several minutes before moving. Not paying attention to correct my path of direction left me in the dangerous position of just going with the dangerous flow of the ocean. I would have soon perished.

From an honest and careful overview of our Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, one would come to the conclusion that there is a slow drift to the left of this arm of the SBC. This drift is being led by Dr. Russell Moore and it is getting in dangerous waters and is moving each week into the dangerous swift currents of liberalism that will finally whisk it away into the deep abyss of social progressivism and only be a shell of a true gospel ministry soon.

One of the most dangerous tides in this theological drift is the ties Dr. Moore has made with liberal groups and socially progressive supporters such as George Soros. Soros, who is a Billionaire and an ultra liberal on most social issues, could even be called a radical liberal on social issues. He is a member of, and donates money to, the Hemlock Society and the Oregon Death with Dignity, both of which are pro suicide organizations. Soros is a well known supporter of progressive and liberal causes in the U.S. The one liberal cause that we are looking at is the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). Soros is a huge contributor and supporter of the EIT. It is sort of a pet project for the liberal billionaire. The EIT is pushing for Obama’s open borders and reckless amnesty plan. Now let’s set the record straight before I am branded anti-immigrant. I am pro immigrant! Yes, I am. At one time all of us were immigrants. As long as it is done in a reasonable and safe manner. In other words the U.S. should only let those in who pose no threat to the U.S., who will become good and productive citizens and who have used or are using the legal means made available for citizenship. These legal means may need to be adjusted so they can be utilized in a more efficient manner, with that I agree. However, unsafe open borders and a reckless amnesty plan is NOT in the best interest of anyone except those trying to circumvent the system.

Now George Soros, who is not a Christian, and the EIT, which is not a Christian organization, has a new partner. You, me and all Southern Baptists! That’s right. With the proud support of Dr. Russell Moore, and of course his predecessor Richard Land, we Southern Baptist are now tied directly in partnership with a radical, ultra left immigration group who wants to push forth reckless and dangerous policies on open borders and amnesty. Dr Moore knows full well what this organization stands for and wants for he wants the same. Dr. Moore is proving himself one more time to be a social progressive as he aligns not only himself but the entire Southern Baptist Convention up with this radical leftist group. Moore has knowingly made himself, and by default the SBC, partners with Soros and his leftist group. Dr. Moore is showing his true agenda here. An agenda to take the SBC on a slow drift away from being conservative Bible believers with the gospel always at the center of what we do and proclaim and turn the SBC into another arm for the social gospel.

So do you want yourself, your church, your Southern Baptist Convention, to be known as partners for radical leftist issues that have nothing to do with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Well neither do I. So what can be done? You could write the ERLC and you could contact Dr. Moore. The only problem with that is Dr. Moore and the ERLC will not converse with rank and file members and pastors in the SBC. So what would be next? You could write the trustees, if you can get a list of trustees with addresses. I have been unsuccessful at this. The trustees do not want to hear from us any more than Dr Moore does. So what is left? You could go to the convention and attempt to address the matter from the floor. Good luck with that. You will not get through your opening statement before it is ruled out of order, sent to die in committee or some other procedure will be enacted to shut you down. These are the methods the leaders want us to take. They know full well that they can stop these efforts and there will be no grassroots efforts able to match a procedural shut out or just totally ignoring of individuals. The only thing these people talk is money. Cut off the Cooperative Program funds and they might listen. Some of you are saying right now, “but the CP is great and funds so much”. Yes it does, but you can stop your CP funds, take that same money and divert it straight to the IMB, NAMB, and your choice of Seminaries and your dollars will bypass an arrogant bureaucracy and the left leaning ERLC. You will be diverting 100% of your funds to the direct gospel missions of the SBC; missionaries, church plants and the training pastors and missionaries. Was this not the reason we came together in the first place? If enough churches do this then the ERLC and the other bureaucracies will “starve out” and they will either begin to listen or fold up and close their doors and the SBC will be freed up from unwanted partnerships with radical secular leftist groups. It’s time to do something about the slow drift into dangerous waters.


Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis

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