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A Failure To Communicate

by Pastor Alan Davis

In the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, Luke Jackson, played by Paul Newman, is sentenced to two years in the state prison farm. Luke is a nonconformist who has problems getting along but has an unbreakable spirit. The Captain of the work farm has punished Luke for running away and says to Luke for being a nonconformist, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”. What the Captain really meant was, because he was in the position of authority and Luke had no real power over the Captain that Luke would do the listening and the Captain would do the talking. That was the Captain’s version of communication and Luke was not holding up his end of the Captain’s bargain.

A few of the entity heads and workers in the Southern Baptist Convention have the same theory of communication as the Captain in Cool Hand Luke. Dr Russell Moore, specifically, is one of those who seems to have this theory. Dr Moore will do the talking and you and I, rank and file members of the SBC, will do the listening. If we hold up our end of Dr. Moore’s bargain everything will be just fine and dandy. However if one of the rank and file pastors or members asks a pointed question that might put Dr. Moore on the spot then well, let’s just say I am glad Dr. Moore doesn’t have a slapjack like the Captain in Cool Hand Luke.

More than a few times I have attempted to contact Dr. Moore and engage in some form of conversation concerning some of what I would view  (and I believe the average Pastor does also) as a slide into a social gospel or social progressivism. Not once has Dr. Moore or one of his aides ever contacted me back. Multiple times through different social media, a Southern Baptist pastor that supports the Cooperative Program (or rather use to) and is asking questions that other Southern Baptist pastors are also asking of Dr. Moore and none of us have yet to hear from Dr. Moore. “Captain” Moore does the talking and we, the rank and file members, should do the listening and “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”.

Now some would say that Dr. Moore is a busy man and can not possibly read and answer every contact on social media. I would say that is true about contacting each individual person that contacts him on social media, however, Dr. Moore’s day is no more filled than the average pastor’s day. We all have the same 24 hours and along with Dr. Moore we all could fill the 24 hours with needed ministry but most of us take the time to contact people back with important questions or we deal with questions that are coming from many people in a mass email or from the pulpit. I understand Dr Moore can not deal with each one individually and he doesn’t have to. However, when multiple Southern Baptist members are asking the SAME questions, and they are valid questions, then maybe he could answer many people with one simple explanation directed at multiple individuals or even deal with the question in a conspicuous place on social media. But alas! No, Dr Moore chooses to totally ignore any hard questions. Until he tires of our questions and then…. well you get blocked. Yes a Southern Baptist entity employee blocks Southern Baptist pastors and members who dare ask hard questions. No how do you do, no thumbs up or thumbs down, no comments, just block and ignore and done! I mean once you block the ones asking the hard questions the questions just go away don’t they? “Captain” Moore just takes the slapjack of media, blocking those who will not conform to being back slappers and fan boys. Then Dr Moore’s fan club steps up to the plate to demonize and/or marginalize by attacking the message bearer of any who would dare ask hard questions of Dr. Moore. Imagine if the average pastor in the average Baptist Church did this. That pastor would soon be looking for a job. Dr Moore, however, is protected by a board of trustees that are supposed to be working for us not for the employee of ERLC. It seems though that the trustees loyalty is completely to Dr Moore and they, much like Moore, have forgotten who they actually work for. This blog and the next few weeks of this blog would not exist if there had been any communication to the rank and file pastors by Dr. Moore so…“What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

This lack of communication is a deplorable state but one that is not going to change soon given that our SBC in words do not support a top down power base but in actions they really do support a top down power base. We have created a hierarchy that is totally against Baptist principle.

The good news is this: each church can decide to NOT fund entities that seem to have no accountability and who are leaning left in doctrine and practices. You and your church can still fund missionaries, seminaries, church plants and other strategic gospel missions without having to support the ERLC. But folks like “Captain” Moore are not going to take kindly to those who fail to support their pet projects of reckless open borders, irresponsible lax vetting of refugees, radical animal rights campaigns and soothing the bruised egos of the practicing homosexual. You will be blacklisted, blocked on social media, and peer pressure to remain in the Cooperative Program will be applied. At times, if there is any connection, they will attempt to manipulate your church members to circumvent the Elders of the local church. But you can choose to withhold CP funds and divide them between the seminaries, IMB, NAMB and find a NAMB approved church plant to support. Many will find that this is a more acceptable option in keeping with the original reason we Baptist churches came together in the first place, to do gospel centered missions.

I am not totally sure exactly what the ERLC is supposed to do. I have heard Dr. Moore and his predecessor try to explain but by the time they are through using a thousand ambiguous words they nor anyone else has ever really said how this is a direct gospel mission that SB should be sending God’s money to. In Dr Moore’s case it would seem we are partnering with radical animal rights groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, partnering with Roman Catholicism, radical open border secular immigration groups, radical refugee groups, linking ourselves with liberal Christian groups and especially with the radical homosexual “Christians” through “Level Ground”.

Now some would say that this is Dr. Moore’s strategy, to share the gospel with these groups. That would be a very naive thought pattern. Through his involvement with the Roman Catholics, radical homosexual groups I have never heard of Dr. Moore directly sharing the gospel with these groups. Now he has talked ABOUT the gospel at times but in such ways as if the entire audience is already in the gospel and not outside it. Dr. Moore does a great job of preaching THE gospel at seminaries and churches where the vast majority of listeners already have responded to the gospel but he seems to not want to offend the lost world with graciously calling them to repent and believe on Jesus Christ. In fact, he seems rather intent in his actions that Roman Catholics, practicing homosexuals and rabid earth worshipers are not in need of the gospel and treats them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Dr. Moore is great at preaching THE gospel to Christians but just seems to want to talk ABOUT nuances of the gospel with the leftist groups he has aligned himself, and us as Southern Baptist by default, with.

Because Dr. Moore initially comes off as the nice, clean cut, guy down the street who Dr. Moler groomed, many are deceived into a fairy tale idea that he can do no wrong, all the time leaning this great convention to the left in not only theological terms but in social areas. It is time for the rank and file solid Southern Baptist to stand up and demand that God’s money not be spent on a very poor producing lobbyist.  God’s Kingdom is not going to come about by the means of man. Especially by the means of Dr. Moore who, after all his time at the ERLC, has no seeming victory other than to have tied us to radical secular social and animal rights groups who for the most part know not God. Do you and your Church want to be tied, as a Southern Baptist, to secular radical immigration, refugee, homosexual and animal rights groups? Can you find that in the Great Commission to the church? Neither can I. “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

For a deeper look at today’s blog, watch the live video broadcast at 4:00 at

Next week we will dive into the radical groups Dr. Moore has us as Southern Baptist tied to in unholy partnerships and how their work is secular humanitarian work at best and outright worship of self and the earth at worst. Email us with questions or remarks at,we would love to hear from you either positive or negative. Keep it clean and as respectful as you can please.


Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis

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One Comment
  1. Phillip Senn permalink

    Pastor Davis,

    I share your concern with the ERLC, and with other agencies affiliated with the SBC. The voices of the average member of the churches are being silenced.

    At a recent SBC annual meeting, a “point of order” was ignored at a microphone. When I attempted to let the President know, through a personal request from the floor, I was accosted by a staff member, and told I was being unruly.

    Our Convention has been taken down the same road that our federal government has followed. Control the voice of the people, at all costs.

    With Love In Christ,
    Phillip C. Senn
    Troy, TN

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