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Proper Communication

by Pastor Alan Davis

OK Folks,

Looks like we are going to be moving the day of the week for our regular blog; both written and video. Starting this Monday, Feb. 15, we will be releasing our written blog around noon and our video blog around 3pm EST. We have been advised this would be the best time for the most people to read or watch the blog. So hang on till Monday and we will deal with Dr. Russell Moore and what appears to be his theologically left leaning leadership at the ERLC

Today I want to be on a more upbeat note in a short blog about our North Carolina Baptist Newspaper, the “Biblical Recorder” and the Editor in Chief, Allan Blume. As I was looking at my latest hard copy of the BR, I realized that I get briefly updated each month by the work that Brother Allan Blume and his staff do for us. Though Allan and I may not 100% agree on all things I have come to trust him and the staff at the BR. If they are lacking it is in a couple of areas like posting more feedback articles and maybe a need for a little more in-depth look at grassroots issues that the national entity folks totally ignore. But overall the staff at the BR keep us informed and I, for one, am thankful.

There are articles of encouragement, edification and then articles that even report a few of the negative things going on, but they’re factual. They let us know about works from the National Convention and what’s going on from that level all the way down to the small local churches most of us pastor in the towns and communities of NC. Though I sometimes utilize the internet version of the BR, most of the time being a book person I love to wait and read my hard copy. Many times I find out Baptist news that I had not been informed of before and I find it factual and to the point. The BR even reports the local NC news of pastor’s passing and encourages us with pastor’s appointments to local churches.

These folks at the BR do a good job and Brother Allan Blume is to be commended on being accessible to the rank and file pastors of NC. Every time I’ve contacted Allen he contacts me back and usually within the hour! That is impressive of someone heading up a rather large Baptist entity. I feel, and wish, others would take note of Brother Allan’s communication skills.

We sometimes take for granted those things that we get use to. We Baptist in NC should be glad we have a Baptist entity that seems to want to get out as much Baptist news as they can in a factual way and want to have communication with the rank and file pastors and members of the local church. I pray God keeps blessing Brother Allan Blume and those who work hard for us at the Biblical Recorder.

Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis


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