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A Daniel Moment

Not many days ago the county clerk in Rowan County Kentucky, Kim Davis, was thrust
to the forefront of national media for failing to issue marriage license of any kind. Her
claim is that it violates her conscience of faith to have her name on the marriage
certificate of a marriage that transgressed God’s Word. The ethics and theological
viewpoint of her actions can and are being debated but that is not what I want to bring
out from this national issue.
Right, wrong or indifferent Mrs. Davis actions press upon true believers a philosophical
question for all American Christians; when it really comes time for me to stand on a
theological belief will I stand or just find another way to compromise and retreat? No
matter what you think about the clerk from Kentucky she has found something many
American Christians may never find in our comfortable Americanized faith, “a hill on
which to die”.
Scripture reminds us to live peaceably with all men when possible, Rom. 13 reminds us
to live as good citizen’s and obey the laws of the land, however we also have the
principle of God’s law first. In Acts chapter 5 we see the apostles arrested for
propagating the gospel and brought before the legal officers of their day. The judicial
decision was made that they should be punished and ordered by the governing
authorities not to speak of the gospel or of Jesus. The apostles took their punishment
and said “we ought to obey God rather than men” and then went right back to rebelling
against the law of the land and preached and taught from house to house. We also
have the witness of Daniel who openly disobeyed the Kings law and did not ask to be
excused from his service and Daniels friends who did the same. We have the witness of
Jerimiah who was legally ordered to “stand down” and of John the Baptist who called
out Herod, against the law of the day, and lost his life. So when should we disobey the
laws of the land? When God’s clear commands confronts the law of the land we should
obey God. Kim Davis has caused all believers to look at ourselves and ask that
question, is there a hill I really would die on for God? Would I take the shaming of the
world, peer pressure, the jeering of the world, or jail for any cause of Christ? We may
not have the integrity equal to Daniel but all believers will have “Daniel Moments” when
your “Daniel Moment” comes what will you do? “May we be counted worthy to suffer
shame for His name”
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    Good point Pastor! Amen

    Safe Travel and have a good vacation.



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