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A Second Look At Dr Elmer Towns Letter

by Alan Davis

Dr Elmer Towns titles his letter, “What Should Southern Baptists Do with Calvinists.” The title itself insists that something is wrong with Calvinists right off the bat. Imagine if the title said, “What Should Southern Baptists Do with Armenians” or “What Should Southern Baptist Do with Traditionalists”. The word structure suggests something is wrong and something must be done. Like, “What Should Parents Do with Rebellious Youth?” My first remark to Dr. Towns is, why should Southern Baptists do anything about Calvinists? Or at least do any more about Calvinists than they would do about Armenians or Traditionalists? In his title alone Dr Towns sets the premise that the Calvinists need to be fixed or that the Southern Baptist Convention needs protection from them. It is as if the Calvinists have an infectious disease and he doesn’t want to catch it. This is not a mistake by Dr Towns nor was it something coincidental. A learned man like Dr. Towns set this title intentionally knowing that many will have their first glance skewered by his structure of said title. Unfortunately Dr Towns set the tone for most of the letter as he miscommunicates Baptistic Calvinism and Historic Baptist Doctrines through much of the letter.

To Dr Towns’ credit he did open up the letter with a sentence giving some historical fact concerning the Southern Baptist Convention and Calvinism but the letter began to digress from there. His second paragraph makes the assumption that the Doctrines of Grace is to be fought and a battle must ensue within the Southern Baptist Convention over these doctrines. Once again painting Calvinism as a disease to be avoided. I think he hit on a truth when he said in the third paragraph of his letter, “Some feel the next battle in the Southern Baptist Convention is the intrusive practice of Pentecostal sign gifts.” I believe THAT is the battle, as this practice is a twisted and unbiblical practice unknown to the SBC and Baptist through church History. He draws a parallel with the unsound practices of today’s Pentecostal gifts with Calvinism, thus making Calvinism as guilty as or guiltier than these twisted practices and of being dangerous and worth fighting against. Again Dr Towns is a learned man and knows what he is doing in this letter.

In his fourth paragraph it seem Dr Towns gets to the point of his letter as he introduces the “battle” (signifying Calvinism needs battling!). He broaches his intended subject by immediately calling Calvinism “intrusive influence.” Sort of like an unwanted dinner guest dropping into a family Sunday dinner, intruding on the family’s meal and fellowship, and being unwanted by everyone. The Webster dictionary defines intrusive as “intruding where one is not welcome or invited.” The word usage by Dr. Towns is clearly used for the purpose to set the average Southern Baptist reader immediately at odds with this “intruder” into the Southern Baptist Camp. Again this is no mistake on Dr. Towns’ part.

In his sixth paragraph, Dr Towns asks the question, “should or should not Southern Baptists attempt to purge itself of five point Calvinists?” He never answers his own question here making the reader believe that there is validity in “purging” the SBC of Calvinists! This is a dangerous premise at best. He doesn’t just want the Southern Baptist Convention purged of Calvinism but of Calvinists! In this same paragraph he states, “The following questions are asked to help Southern Baptists identify the problem and come to some sensible answers.” Dr. Towns once again labels Calvinism and Calvinists as the problem. Imagine someone of Dr Towns’ stature saying that “Traditionalists are the problem” or “Armenians are the problem”.

In Paragraph eight of Dr Towns’ letter he immediately makes a dogmatic statement without proof. Elmer Towns states, “The problem is that most five point Calvinists don’t just point to their flag; many become exclusionary of any other view that will not salute their flag and fight for the flag in ecclesiastical battles.” Is this not what Dr Towns is doing? He made this into a battle, then presents Calvinism as the problem and thus the enemy (you cannot have a battle without an enemy). Does Dr Towns know “most five point Calvinists” in the SBC? Has he done a study of “most five point Calvinists” in the SBC on this very matter of fighting for their flag? Imagine another well-known Baptist Professor saying that “Most Armenians in the SBC preach easy believism.” He certainly would be called on the carpet.

Dr Towns moves back to being factual, or at least an attempt at a balanced letter, in the subsequent paragraphs concerning evangelism and I appreciate the truth there. In his paragraph just before his conclusion, Dr Towns likens Calvinism to the weeds in his yard. Weeds that spread their unwanted seed and this seed begets other weeds in amongst his much wanted grass. One could say with Dr. Towns great knowledge of Scripture there was a subversive message and allusion to the parable of the wheat and tares. I certainly hope not, but if he proofed this paper I would not doubt he saw that shadow and maybe grinned. But just on face value alone Elmer Towns here again likens Calvinism and Calvinists as something to get rid of at any cost.

In one of Dr Towns closing paragraphs he states that it is alright to not be a Calvinist (absolutely!). Then Dr Towns goes on to state what he sees a non-Calvinists church doing. We would have to presume by the structure of his letter and this paragraph this is in opposition to a Calvinists Southern Baptist Church.  So he states the non-Calvinist church are just satisfied with finding lost people and taking God’s Word at face value. As if the Calvinist Southern Baptist Church doesn’t do that! Even after stating the factual statistics that says there is virtually no difference in a Calvinist Southern Baptist Church and a Non- Calvinist Southern Baptist Church concerning evangelism and Baptisms. Then in this same paragraph he states the “Non- Calvinist Southern Baptist Church” will not pick up theology leading them to sprinkle children. Does Dr. Towns know of a current cooperating Southern Baptist church which sprinkles children? If he does he does not state so. Evidence here could make a point and lack of makes for a manipulative letter. On the other hand I DO know of Southern Baptist Churches that baptize 4 year olds and have heard of a 3 year old being baptized. These would NOT be Calvinistic Southern Baptist Churches. He goes on to state that the “Non-Calvinist Southern Baptist Churches” will not have confirmation classes for their youth thus making an assumption that Calvinistic Baptist Churches do. I know of no Calvinistic Southern Baptist Church that has confirmation classes for their youth. Does Dr Towns know of some? Again he does not tell us if he does, he only alludes to this. He also states that the Non-Calvinist Southern Baptist Church will lead young and old alike to Christ through a tangible conversion experience, once again as if this is in opposition to the Calvinistic Southern Baptist Church.

I challenge Dr. Towns to support his assumptions from this letter with facts. I know he will not because he has no facts to back up what I brought out above. Dr. Towns crafted this letter such as to direct the mind of the average reader to see Calvinistic Baptists and Churches as the enemy. Dr. Towns, by this very letter, condemns the Calvinistic Southern Baptist Churches and Calvinistic Southern Baptists as holding aberrant theology that is unwanted in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sola Scriptura
Pastor Alan Davis
May 2, 2016

Slip Sliding Away: Losing Your Theological Direction So Close To Home

by Alan Davis

“It is impossible but that the Church of Rome must spread, when we who are the watch-dogs of the fold are silent, and others are gently and smoothly turfing the road, and making it as soft and smooth as possible, that converts may travel down to the nethermost hell of Popery.” – C.H. Spurgeon

In 1977 Paul Simon wrote and recorded a hit song, Slip Sliding Away some of the lyrics goes like this:

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

God only knows
God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable
To the mortal man
We’re working our jobs
Collect our pay
Believe we’re gliding down the highway
When in fact we’re slip slidin’ away

Slip slidin’ away
Slip slidin’ away
You know the nearer your destination
The more you’re slip slidin’ away

The entire song can be referenced here

It appears to the naked eye that Dr Russell Moore is taking the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention in this general direction. With his ambiguity and budding partnership with the cult of Roman Catholicism he has lost any sense of theological direction as to what the true gospel is and what the cult of the Roman Catholic Church teaches as to salvation.

Now of course some of you are salivating a reply right now of how gospel-centered, gospel-driven and gospel-minded Dr Moore is. To that I would say, once again, that Dr Moore is astute at preaching the gospel in churches and seminaries where the vast majority already stand in the gospel but when he addresses the world it seems he does so with large amounts of ambiguity and uncertainty of just what is the gospel of Jesus Christ. His total lack of clarity on the gospel in the audience of the world is not hard to find.

Sometime prior to December 2014 Russell Moore appeared on the Matt Lewis Show to discuss the late Johnny Cash’s Christian witness. When asked by Lewis about some remarks that Pope Francis had made concerning “good people, even the atheist” getting into heaven, Moore had a stunningly ambiguous answer; “I don’t know what the Pope is talking about”. Come on Dr Moore, you don’t know what the Pope is talking about? Every reporter from the most remote town in America understood the plain language the Pope used, but you didn’t understand? You, the man with a PHD, the man who used to be a professor at Southern seminary, you know, that place where people study theology. You, Dr Russell Moore, have no idea what the Pope is saying or what a Roman Catholic Pope believes as to basic theology? Really? And then Dr Moore went on to tell of a journalist who had asked him, “what’s the difference between the type of Gospel focused engagement you have and what the Pope has? “I don’t know” answered Moore. Dr Moore obviously doesn’t know the difference between what the Pope, as a dyed in the wool Roman Catholic, believes about the gospel and what Russell himself believes? You mean the man who we are paying to lead a Southern Baptist entity cannot tell the difference between Roman Catholicism and Baptist theology? Really? Well, Dr Moore, why don’t you take an educated guess? I think you can do it! Maybe we need to jog Moore’s memory from days gone by in his seminary education, or maybe jolt him with a reading from the BFM 2000. Maybe a little church history of a little event called the Protestant Reformation would jog his memory. Russell Moore’s theological memory seems to have short circuited while being star struck by the Pontiff. Moore then digresses into Neverland by saying the difference between his gospel and the Popes is “accessibility”!? What!?!? Dr Moore have you had a stroke? Is Dr Moore so star struck by the Pope, and being included in the Popes invite circle, that all his sensibilities have left him?

Let’s back up just a bit. In November 2014, Moore was summoned to the Vatican and ran happily to appease the leader of the largest cult in the world. Going there not to preach the true gospel nor to call the lost Roman Pontiff to repentance and faith in Christ but to align himself, the ERLC and us as Southern Baptist, with the folks who burnt us at the stake in a not too distant past. The folks who say we Baptist are accursed and are outside the faith because we don’t bow at the RCC Popes feet (well except for Moore and company). Yes with those folks, Moore has now aligned you and me with the largest cult in the world. Way to go. All your predecessors had kept from this but you, Dr Moore, now you have accomplished the feat of aligning us as Baptist with the false gospel of the RCC. You really have taken us where no one has been before, it is just not the place we want to go slip sliding away. And Dr Moore’s descent into ecumenicism did not stop there. Over and over Moore has attempted to align us with the RCC even to the point of attempting to make an evangelical out of a confirmed and fully aligned Roman Catholic Presidential candidate.

Maybe, just maybe, Russell Moore could stop star gazing into the eyes of Pope Francis long enough to actually remember that the Pope and Southern Baptist DO NOT share the same gospel. That the false gospel of the cult known as The Roman Catholic Church is NOT the true gospel believed by the rank and file Southern Baptist nor is it the gospel preached by the Apostle Paul.

Dr Russell Moore has the ERLC of the southern Baptist convention slip sliding away from solid theology and true gospel partnerships for a road greased with the lies of the enemy and well-traveled by those in the cult known as the RCC. Before we get too far down this road that Moore is leading us on may God turn the leaders of this convention, and the trustees of the ERLC, back to the Scriptures and Spirit of God and crush this anti-Christ spirit Dr Moore is following in an ungodly partnership with the RCC in an ecumenical stew that no one wants to taste. Before we all go ‘slip sliding away’. I pray it happens soon.

Sola Scriptura
Pastor Alan Davis
March 14, 2016

The Slow Drift

by Pastor Alan Davis

One year, when our children were very young, we headed out on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  I always look forward to a beach trip because they seem to be greatly relaxing. One day, as we were spending time on the beach, the children were busy building a sand fort so I borrowed one of their rubber rafts and hit the waves. After a little time of raft surfing I pushed out past the breaking waves to what looked like still waters. It was deep but I am a decent swimmer and I had the raft so I wasn’t worried. After getting to what looked like still waters I climbed on the raft and lay on my back. After some time I went to sleep and just lay there floating. The next thing I knew I could hear loud voices in the distance. I sat up looking at the beach and I could see what appeared to be several people who seemed excited and pointing in my direction. I thought maybe someone was drowning so I started looking around where I was at but soon realized it was me they were excited about. I noticed I was moving quickly…out to sea! I lay in what I thought was still water not taking care to paddle myself into position every once in awhile. This had allowed me just to drift with the flow of the ocean which became extremely dangerous for me. It took everything I had to get myself in and I fell on the beach having to rest for several minutes before moving. Not paying attention to correct my path of direction left me in the dangerous position of just going with the dangerous flow of the ocean. I would have soon perished.

From an honest and careful overview of our Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, one would come to the conclusion that there is a slow drift to the left of this arm of the SBC. This drift is being led by Dr. Russell Moore and it is getting in dangerous waters and is moving each week into the dangerous swift currents of liberalism that will finally whisk it away into the deep abyss of social progressivism and only be a shell of a true gospel ministry soon.

One of the most dangerous tides in this theological drift is the ties Dr. Moore has made with liberal groups and socially progressive supporters such as George Soros. Soros, who is a Billionaire and an ultra liberal on most social issues, could even be called a radical liberal on social issues. He is a member of, and donates money to, the Hemlock Society and the Oregon Death with Dignity, both of which are pro suicide organizations. Soros is a well known supporter of progressive and liberal causes in the U.S. The one liberal cause that we are looking at is the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). Soros is a huge contributor and supporter of the EIT. It is sort of a pet project for the liberal billionaire. The EIT is pushing for Obama’s open borders and reckless amnesty plan. Now let’s set the record straight before I am branded anti-immigrant. I am pro immigrant! Yes, I am. At one time all of us were immigrants. As long as it is done in a reasonable and safe manner. In other words the U.S. should only let those in who pose no threat to the U.S., who will become good and productive citizens and who have used or are using the legal means made available for citizenship. These legal means may need to be adjusted so they can be utilized in a more efficient manner, with that I agree. However, unsafe open borders and a reckless amnesty plan is NOT in the best interest of anyone except those trying to circumvent the system.

Now George Soros, who is not a Christian, and the EIT, which is not a Christian organization, has a new partner. You, me and all Southern Baptists! That’s right. With the proud support of Dr. Russell Moore, and of course his predecessor Richard Land, we Southern Baptist are now tied directly in partnership with a radical, ultra left immigration group who wants to push forth reckless and dangerous policies on open borders and amnesty. Dr Moore knows full well what this organization stands for and wants for he wants the same. Dr. Moore is proving himself one more time to be a social progressive as he aligns not only himself but the entire Southern Baptist Convention up with this radical leftist group. Moore has knowingly made himself, and by default the SBC, partners with Soros and his leftist group. Dr. Moore is showing his true agenda here. An agenda to take the SBC on a slow drift away from being conservative Bible believers with the gospel always at the center of what we do and proclaim and turn the SBC into another arm for the social gospel.

So do you want yourself, your church, your Southern Baptist Convention, to be known as partners for radical leftist issues that have nothing to do with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Well neither do I. So what can be done? You could write the ERLC and you could contact Dr. Moore. The only problem with that is Dr. Moore and the ERLC will not converse with rank and file members and pastors in the SBC. So what would be next? You could write the trustees, if you can get a list of trustees with addresses. I have been unsuccessful at this. The trustees do not want to hear from us any more than Dr Moore does. So what is left? You could go to the convention and attempt to address the matter from the floor. Good luck with that. You will not get through your opening statement before it is ruled out of order, sent to die in committee or some other procedure will be enacted to shut you down. These are the methods the leaders want us to take. They know full well that they can stop these efforts and there will be no grassroots efforts able to match a procedural shut out or just totally ignoring of individuals. The only thing these people talk is money. Cut off the Cooperative Program funds and they might listen. Some of you are saying right now, “but the CP is great and funds so much”. Yes it does, but you can stop your CP funds, take that same money and divert it straight to the IMB, NAMB, and your choice of Seminaries and your dollars will bypass an arrogant bureaucracy and the left leaning ERLC. You will be diverting 100% of your funds to the direct gospel missions of the SBC; missionaries, church plants and the training pastors and missionaries. Was this not the reason we came together in the first place? If enough churches do this then the ERLC and the other bureaucracies will “starve out” and they will either begin to listen or fold up and close their doors and the SBC will be freed up from unwanted partnerships with radical secular leftist groups. It’s time to do something about the slow drift into dangerous waters.


Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis

A Failure To Communicate

by Pastor Alan Davis

In the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, Luke Jackson, played by Paul Newman, is sentenced to two years in the state prison farm. Luke is a nonconformist who has problems getting along but has an unbreakable spirit. The Captain of the work farm has punished Luke for running away and says to Luke for being a nonconformist, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”. What the Captain really meant was, because he was in the position of authority and Luke had no real power over the Captain that Luke would do the listening and the Captain would do the talking. That was the Captain’s version of communication and Luke was not holding up his end of the Captain’s bargain.

A few of the entity heads and workers in the Southern Baptist Convention have the same theory of communication as the Captain in Cool Hand Luke. Dr Russell Moore, specifically, is one of those who seems to have this theory. Dr Moore will do the talking and you and I, rank and file members of the SBC, will do the listening. If we hold up our end of Dr. Moore’s bargain everything will be just fine and dandy. However if one of the rank and file pastors or members asks a pointed question that might put Dr. Moore on the spot then well, let’s just say I am glad Dr. Moore doesn’t have a slapjack like the Captain in Cool Hand Luke.

More than a few times I have attempted to contact Dr. Moore and engage in some form of conversation concerning some of what I would view  (and I believe the average Pastor does also) as a slide into a social gospel or social progressivism. Not once has Dr. Moore or one of his aides ever contacted me back. Multiple times through different social media, a Southern Baptist pastor that supports the Cooperative Program (or rather use to) and is asking questions that other Southern Baptist pastors are also asking of Dr. Moore and none of us have yet to hear from Dr. Moore. “Captain” Moore does the talking and we, the rank and file members, should do the listening and “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”.

Now some would say that Dr. Moore is a busy man and can not possibly read and answer every contact on social media. I would say that is true about contacting each individual person that contacts him on social media, however, Dr. Moore’s day is no more filled than the average pastor’s day. We all have the same 24 hours and along with Dr. Moore we all could fill the 24 hours with needed ministry but most of us take the time to contact people back with important questions or we deal with questions that are coming from many people in a mass email or from the pulpit. I understand Dr Moore can not deal with each one individually and he doesn’t have to. However, when multiple Southern Baptist members are asking the SAME questions, and they are valid questions, then maybe he could answer many people with one simple explanation directed at multiple individuals or even deal with the question in a conspicuous place on social media. But alas! No, Dr Moore chooses to totally ignore any hard questions. Until he tires of our questions and then…. well you get blocked. Yes a Southern Baptist entity employee blocks Southern Baptist pastors and members who dare ask hard questions. No how do you do, no thumbs up or thumbs down, no comments, just block and ignore and done! I mean once you block the ones asking the hard questions the questions just go away don’t they? “Captain” Moore just takes the slapjack of media, blocking those who will not conform to being back slappers and fan boys. Then Dr Moore’s fan club steps up to the plate to demonize and/or marginalize by attacking the message bearer of any who would dare ask hard questions of Dr. Moore. Imagine if the average pastor in the average Baptist Church did this. That pastor would soon be looking for a job. Dr Moore, however, is protected by a board of trustees that are supposed to be working for us not for the employee of ERLC. It seems though that the trustees loyalty is completely to Dr Moore and they, much like Moore, have forgotten who they actually work for. This blog and the next few weeks of this blog would not exist if there had been any communication to the rank and file pastors by Dr. Moore so…“What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

This lack of communication is a deplorable state but one that is not going to change soon given that our SBC in words do not support a top down power base but in actions they really do support a top down power base. We have created a hierarchy that is totally against Baptist principle.

The good news is this: each church can decide to NOT fund entities that seem to have no accountability and who are leaning left in doctrine and practices. You and your church can still fund missionaries, seminaries, church plants and other strategic gospel missions without having to support the ERLC. But folks like “Captain” Moore are not going to take kindly to those who fail to support their pet projects of reckless open borders, irresponsible lax vetting of refugees, radical animal rights campaigns and soothing the bruised egos of the practicing homosexual. You will be blacklisted, blocked on social media, and peer pressure to remain in the Cooperative Program will be applied. At times, if there is any connection, they will attempt to manipulate your church members to circumvent the Elders of the local church. But you can choose to withhold CP funds and divide them between the seminaries, IMB, NAMB and find a NAMB approved church plant to support. Many will find that this is a more acceptable option in keeping with the original reason we Baptist churches came together in the first place, to do gospel centered missions.

I am not totally sure exactly what the ERLC is supposed to do. I have heard Dr. Moore and his predecessor try to explain but by the time they are through using a thousand ambiguous words they nor anyone else has ever really said how this is a direct gospel mission that SB should be sending God’s money to. In Dr Moore’s case it would seem we are partnering with radical animal rights groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, partnering with Roman Catholicism, radical open border secular immigration groups, radical refugee groups, linking ourselves with liberal Christian groups and especially with the radical homosexual “Christians” through “Level Ground”.

Now some would say that this is Dr. Moore’s strategy, to share the gospel with these groups. That would be a very naive thought pattern. Through his involvement with the Roman Catholics, radical homosexual groups I have never heard of Dr. Moore directly sharing the gospel with these groups. Now he has talked ABOUT the gospel at times but in such ways as if the entire audience is already in the gospel and not outside it. Dr. Moore does a great job of preaching THE gospel at seminaries and churches where the vast majority of listeners already have responded to the gospel but he seems to not want to offend the lost world with graciously calling them to repent and believe on Jesus Christ. In fact, he seems rather intent in his actions that Roman Catholics, practicing homosexuals and rabid earth worshipers are not in need of the gospel and treats them as brothers and sisters in Christ. Dr. Moore is great at preaching THE gospel to Christians but just seems to want to talk ABOUT nuances of the gospel with the leftist groups he has aligned himself, and us as Southern Baptist by default, with.

Because Dr. Moore initially comes off as the nice, clean cut, guy down the street who Dr. Moler groomed, many are deceived into a fairy tale idea that he can do no wrong, all the time leaning this great convention to the left in not only theological terms but in social areas. It is time for the rank and file solid Southern Baptist to stand up and demand that God’s money not be spent on a very poor producing lobbyist.  God’s Kingdom is not going to come about by the means of man. Especially by the means of Dr. Moore who, after all his time at the ERLC, has no seeming victory other than to have tied us to radical secular social and animal rights groups who for the most part know not God. Do you and your Church want to be tied, as a Southern Baptist, to secular radical immigration, refugee, homosexual and animal rights groups? Can you find that in the Great Commission to the church? Neither can I. “What we have here is a failure to communicate”

For a deeper look at today’s blog, watch the live video broadcast at 4:00 at

Next week we will dive into the radical groups Dr. Moore has us as Southern Baptist tied to in unholy partnerships and how their work is secular humanitarian work at best and outright worship of self and the earth at worst. Email us with questions or remarks at,we would love to hear from you either positive or negative. Keep it clean and as respectful as you can please.


Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis

Proper Communication

by Pastor Alan Davis

OK Folks,

Looks like we are going to be moving the day of the week for our regular blog; both written and video. Starting this Monday, Feb. 15, we will be releasing our written blog around noon and our video blog around 3pm EST. We have been advised this would be the best time for the most people to read or watch the blog. So hang on till Monday and we will deal with Dr. Russell Moore and what appears to be his theologically left leaning leadership at the ERLC

Today I want to be on a more upbeat note in a short blog about our North Carolina Baptist Newspaper, the “Biblical Recorder” and the Editor in Chief, Allan Blume. As I was looking at my latest hard copy of the BR, I realized that I get briefly updated each month by the work that Brother Allan Blume and his staff do for us. Though Allan and I may not 100% agree on all things I have come to trust him and the staff at the BR. If they are lacking it is in a couple of areas like posting more feedback articles and maybe a need for a little more in-depth look at grassroots issues that the national entity folks totally ignore. But overall the staff at the BR keep us informed and I, for one, am thankful.

There are articles of encouragement, edification and then articles that even report a few of the negative things going on, but they’re factual. They let us know about works from the National Convention and what’s going on from that level all the way down to the small local churches most of us pastor in the towns and communities of NC. Though I sometimes utilize the internet version of the BR, most of the time being a book person I love to wait and read my hard copy. Many times I find out Baptist news that I had not been informed of before and I find it factual and to the point. The BR even reports the local NC news of pastor’s passing and encourages us with pastor’s appointments to local churches.

These folks at the BR do a good job and Brother Allan Blume is to be commended on being accessible to the rank and file pastors of NC. Every time I’ve contacted Allen he contacts me back and usually within the hour! That is impressive of someone heading up a rather large Baptist entity. I feel, and wish, others would take note of Brother Allan’s communication skills.

We sometimes take for granted those things that we get use to. We Baptist in NC should be glad we have a Baptist entity that seems to want to get out as much Baptist news as they can in a factual way and want to have communication with the rank and file pastors and members of the local church. I pray God keeps blessing Brother Allan Blume and those who work hard for us at the Biblical Recorder.

Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis


Beating the Bushes

by Pastor Alan Davis

Hey everyone, I am Alan Davis, born and raised in the Mountains of WNC, I married and still have the wife of my youth and three grown children. God saved me and then later on called me to preach the gospel and pastor a local church. I have been a Christian for almost 30 years now and I have been a Southern Baptist pastor for 20 years, the last 17 years at the same church, Woodland Baptist Church in Waynesville NC. We have sent out over 14 Southern Baptist pastors into various churches and positions and we have mothered 2 successful Southern Baptist church plants from Woodland. I have a been a member in 3 Southern Baptist churches and all three have supported the Cooperative Program each year and other Southern Baptist causes with my encouragement as a leader. I have served in a variety of offices as a Southern Baptist. I was raised in a Southern Baptist family who attended the same Southern Baptist church all my life. So I do not write nor speak as one who has no idea what goes on in Southern Baptist life. This is the introduction to a 5-6 part series on some issues of the lack of communication from leaders, the involvement of us as Southern Baptist with radical, secular and worldly groups in unholy partnerships, the linking of us as Southern Baptist with those who teach false doctrines and the selling of doctrinally unsound books and studies by unsound authors.

I, like many, have had the “new” wear off and can see clearly without rose colored glasses. I am not climbing some Southern Baptist church or entity ladder. I have put down roots for what looks like my life here at Woodland. I am not an unofficial member of some personality cult of a big name preacher. I don’t have to rub shoulders at all with the powers that be.  I am saying all of that to point out I am speaking as one in the trenches of the gospel battles, not as one in some ivory tower. I have no axe to grind, no personal conflict in the least with any of the men I will mention through this series. So as many of us who have tried communicating our issues have found, we hear nothing from the entity heads or workers but their defenders attack us personally with slander and attempt to marginalize us as crazy’s, like Jonathan Merrit from New York in his latest hit piece defending Moore. This has been the mode of operation for those who are rabid defenders of these men to immediately attack the motives and persons of those raising any issues. No doubt this will continue from those who have joined the cult of personality. Those who refuse to consider that their idol may make some serious mistakes that could harm the direction of our convention. Those folks may never see the truth as they are blinded by personality worship. We pray God will deal with them on that issue.

Now lest you think me ungracious or accuse me of not attempting a private conversation with these men you should know a few things. I want to disclose that I have contacted each of these men in numerous ways; e-mails, messenger, phone calls, Twitter and Facebook. They have been told I was going to do these series and I have been contacting them to respond in some way, in any way, over and over and I have had zero response except to be blocked by three of them. After more than a dozen contacts each in multiple ways asking for clarification they finally chose to respond by blocking me and with total silence. Now, just so you know, I never used vulgar comments nor made any family, personal or intellectual attacks. I did use sarcasm at times and was pointed but always open to any response but never received anything but silence and blocking.

Have you wondered why Russell Moore and Karen Swallow Prior want those who work on the front lines battling abortion, which I do, to use softer terminology, to cease calling abortion murder? Really they said this…and more. Have you ever wondered why Russell Moore uses snarky tweets to condemn anyone who would DARE support anyone but his man Marco Rubio for president even to the point of questioning YOUR salvation if you are supporting anyone else? Have you ever wondered why Russell Moore and Karen Swallow Prior has us as Southern Baptist tied to radical animal rights organizations in partnership with them like HSUS? Ever wondered how animals going to heaven ever got to be a subtopic of a work of the ERLC? Ever wondered how that got to be a direct gospel issue that you and I should fund? Do you remember that being part of the Southern Baptist Convention platform? Me neither.

I too have wondered over and over how Russell Moore has linked us with radical immigration issues and radical immigration groups wanting complete open borders with almost no controls. Moore and the ERLC has us linked with radical refugee systems with unsafe vetting processes, linking us as Southern Baptist in support of a presidential candidate that supports open borders and lax refugee issues. Moore’s presidential candidate also supports the morning after pill causing abortion and is soft on abortion, the murder of babies. Russell Moore’s candidate, Rubio also supports the erroneous theory that homosexuals are born that way and can’t help themselves. As a Southern Baptist who believes that the truth of the Word of God should be our only guide, that it is without error and is infallible.  As a Southern Baptist who believes that the Gospel is the power of God unto Salvation even to the homosexual and that God can overcome any and all sexual sins. As A born- again Christian and Southern Baptist that believes the Word of God with the Spirit of God IS the reparitive therapy that can over come illicit sexual desires even homosexuality. As a Southern Baptist who stands for truth and that the sin of abortion is murder and it should be called such instead of pampering the sinner that the sinner should be graciously confronted with their sin before they will even know they are in need of forgiveness for their sin. As a Southern Baptist who believes that the act of sexual perversion, including homosexuality, is a blatant sin before God and that those who continue in such prove they are without God. Do you, like me, as Southern Baptist, oppose Russell Moore’s and Karen Swallow Prior’s friendly support and obvious tacit approval of those in the “Level Ground” gay film festival each year? I find it totally anti-scriptural and certainly Moore’s and Prior’s homosexual friends leave thinking that these Southern Baptist, your representatives and my representatives, approve of their lifestyle in general though with a few nuances of disagreement. Those living a homosexual lifestyle attending Level Ground leave believing that those living in such lifestyles are formally in the family of God but just have a slight disagreement with their brother and sister. This is the tacit approval the ERLC gives to this group who need the life giving gospel and a clear call to come out of their sin unto salvation.

If you find that and more totally appalling coming from your paid representative who heads a Southern Baptist entity that YOU pay for then please hang on for the next few weeks as we expose the obvious unbiblical and leftist slant of not only Russell Moore at the ERLC but also of the ecumenical movement by our convention president Ronnie Floyd as our Southern Baptist president links us with hyper charismatics and false prophets who claim to raise the dead and to perform all sorts of wild miracles, who have made totally unbelievable claims and who hold to wicked and perverse doctrines. Yes, our president Ronnie Floyd linking himself and us as Southern Baptist directly with purveyors of false doctrines and actually outright liars. Hang in there and we will expose the ungodliness of much of the material of LifeWay and how Thom Rainer and Ed Stetzer full well knew they were and are peddling false doctrine material for profits and gain, and how they fleece churches and put on an air of godliness while doing all this. How both Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer both knew about false books of heaven almost a year in advance and refused to deal with the issue till the story broke in national media (Alex Malarkey case) and then they lied and said they only just found out and took the books off the shelf. We will reveal many, many more issues all with documentation and links.

I also want to be clear that I am NOT calling these men’s salvation into question. It is my opinion that these men aren’t intentional wolves but err for pragmatic and political means, both Southern Baptist politics and US politics. And they have leaned heavily in these erroneous directions. I was in support of each of the four men I  have mentioned when they were placed in their positions and I was vocal in that support. I am not condemning these men as unbelieving wolves in our midst. If they are they are well concealed and it is above my discernment at this time to see that. However it is easy Christian discernment to see the errors of some of what they are doing and leading us into.  I can not, nor will I, give them my support in the worldly pragmatic actions. And I believe if you will honestly consider this series you will tend to agree with me that the issues and areas we will look at the next few weeks will be troubling to you as a Christian and a Southern Baptist. That some actions need to be taken by the respective trustees on our behalf, the ones who pay for all this. It is time for the trustees to represent you and I and not act as a protecting buffer for our employees. And we will deal with the Trustees in this series also.

So stay tuned at our blog, on periscope or our podcast for the first in a multi-part weekly series which will show the unbiblical and leftist leaning of some of the leaders of our great convention. Hopefully as with the Alex Malarkey case it will get attention and some correction will take place.

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 Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis

Alone with God

By Pastor Alan Davis

Living above 4700′ with the nearest state road being two miles from our cabin it goes without saying that I have spent some time digging out of this latest winter storm. Even with the aid of a four wheel drive tractor it makes for some long hours trying to get the road passable. Those long hours spent alone out in the middle of God’s solitude and nature are times though that I cherish. They are times that allow me to think and dwell on the deep subjects of theology, to talk in the quiet of His creation to the God of all the universe. It is times like this that God brings a stillness to my soul and a sense of peace to my spirit.

As the Lord Jesus walked this earth in His ministry here among men He too sought the solitude of His creation and alone time with the Father. Jesus intentionally came apart from the crowds, the hustle and bustle of the market place and found places to be alone with the Father and to be re-energized to continue ministry. In in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 14 we see Jesus has been busy with ministry and teaching among the crowds and the Disciples. Then in verse 23 we read something that may seem unusual in our days of multitasking and working from home into the wee hours. There the Scriptures tell us “And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.” Jesus “sent” the crowd away! He pulled himself “apart” from the people and intentionally got alone with the Father, alone. If our Lord, who is God in the flesh, perfect in every way, needed to stop and get alone with the Father and pray, then how much more do we, who are imperfect children with no claim to deity, need to get alone with the Father?

In the hustle and bustle of this busy world, in the hectic day to day modern schedule we all have, we need to plan and intentionally have times to re-energize with our heavenly Father. There we will find peace for our weary spirits and a sense of rest for our souls that cannot be found even in the good hustle of ministry. As the old preacher Vance Havnor once said, “you better come apart to be with God before you fly apart”. Find rest and peace for your spirit and soul in quiet times with the Father.

 Sola Scriptura,
Pastor Alan Davis
Woodland Baptist Church